2021 News Schaghticoke Food Pantry

Food Pantry Updates:

As of August 23, 2020, The Schaghticoke Food Pantry is now certified as a Regional Food Pantry and an associate member of The Food Andries of the Capital Area of NY.

Our year 2020 was a year to remember- pandemic, unemployment, chaotic days- but the pantry and its volunteers rose to the occasion. Here are our year end statistics: 1128 people were served by the pantry, 7000 + pounds of food were donated to the pantry , which does not include the fresh veggies and fruit received weekly and shared with the community. We have a team of 10 regular volunteers and a supporting cast of 10 + volunteers who helped in multiple ways – from Regional Food Pantry trips- holiday baskets- and daily with food distribution. Thank you for the gift of serving the community of Schaghticoke.

Volunteers are always welcome to come and help out. Sign up is easy and the hours are Monday 9-11 and Thursday 4- 6 pm. We will be seeking a once a month driver and truck to pick up our orders from the Regional Pantry.

Coming Up:

Fundraising is ongoing for the renovation of our Kitchen. Our goal is to have a certified commercial kitchen that can be rented by local small businesses to prepare their products or rented along with the dining hall for all sorts of gatherings. COVID 19 has set us slowed our fund raising work. We have found on line auction opportunities to help us continue to raise funds to cover the cost of the kitchen appliances and labor.

Renovations sanctuary are planned for 2021. We will be repairing and painting the walls, replacing all windows with tempered double pane e-rated windows, removing pews, removing carpet, leveling off the floor, adding new carpet and a new worship space that has potential for multipurpose use as well. The new space could be used for Yoga and Tai Chi, classes, seminars, etc. as well as worship.

Our vision is to rejuvenate our building in to a welcoming environment for this community to gather in, experience educational opportunities and events to bring a smile to our faces.

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