Schaghticoke Food Pantry

Bought a new fridge, in a new space. Online basketAuction to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! Raised $4000+ for the pantry.

Coming Up:

Fundraising for renovation projects- Kitchen and sanctuary, entryway. COVID 19 has set us back and caused a funded source via grants to suspend grants so now we need to raise the money to do the work. Our plan was to build a share with the community a commercial kitchen for rental, kitchen estimate $15000, for a stove, refrigerator and freezer; repairs and room finishing walls, painting, flooring, plumbing and electric or new set up. Weekly pick a square raffle for a gift card and cash price will start soon.

Renovations sanctuary are starting. We will be repairing and painting the walls, are considering dropping the ceiling, replacing all windows with tempered double pane e-rated windows, removing pews, removing carpet, leveling off the floor, adding new carpet and a new worship space that has potential for multipurpose use as well. The new space could be used for yoga and tai chi, classes, seminars, etc..

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